Friday, August 29, 2014

A Day Out with Sophie

When Sophie comes to town, its a party. Basically an all day affair of non-stop fun and eating. Here's everything we got into last time she visited.
 Pho(pronounced "fuh" apparently) has become one of my favorite meals. It was Sophie's first time trying pho, and she looked adorable eating it.
Cutest little nugget.

We went to a fantastic coffee shop and fell in love with the aesthetic.

I want my whole house to look like this!!
We also browsed the local market where we oogled delicious foods, lovely plants, and other lovely items, such as the crystal I purchased.
Amethyst I bought at the market.
The Sign Museum was also a stop on our tour, but I'm saving that for another post because that's a billion photos worth sharing. Sophie's been busy being promoted at work, and getting ready to go back to school so I haven't seen her in a bit, but I know next time I see her is gonna be great!

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