Saturday, August 9, 2014

What's in my bag?

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I was inspired to shoot these photos for a Modcloth contest last month and just wanted to share them here on my blog as well.
 Basically any time that I am in motion, Bufford is right there with me. I don't know if its more that he's a worrier, or that he's just naturally a curious little cat, but he's my little shadow. So of course as I'm getting up and emptying the contents of my purse onto the floor he's there to investigate. I definitely didn't mind because he always takes the cuteness level to any photo I post to over 3,000%.
Anyway, I don't ever carry a lot in my purse. I got this watermelon purse from Modcloth actually, and it's small to begin with, but that works for me. I've had large purses in the past, and they're always very empty and cavernous. 
I almost never have cash on me, but at this moment in time I had made a trip to Plato's Closet and made a wopping $3.85 turning in old clothes, haha. The wallet was a gift from my friend Sophie and is definitely Twin Peaks inspired :) The phone case is also a Modcloth accessory. Little advil cold and sinus because you never know when you'll get a sinus headache. Burt's bees because I am notorious for picking at my chapped lips. And a sharpie because again ya just never know!

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