Thursday, March 13, 2014

I might be a little trashy...

I may or may not have noticed a certain someone putting something in the trash at work, and I may or may not have had Jared help me pull it out....

St. Vincent vinyl for my darling Sophia.

 Haha, it doesn't exactly work, despite Jared's handy man attempts at fixing it. It has sharpie scribbles and the word "TRASH" on the top... but I don't even care because it's so pretty. Haha! It plays the just sounds awful, like its playing from a $.50 radio playing an a.m. station from 200 miles away... if that's even possible but again, its mainly just for decoration now :) I just wanted to show you guys because you probably know by now I'm notorious for this kind of thing. Its how I've furnished a good 40% of our home. Keep your eyes peeled friends, its curb alert season!
Ending the post with this little suckle monster.

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