Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

Saving for a car is hard. Especially when I'm finding cute things like this! ~sigh~

I have a mighty need. Found here via Etsy.

Love this planter. Found here via Etsy.
Really into dramatically brimmed hats right now. Found here via Urban Outfitters.
Soooo into fruits as fashion right now. Forever Fruitful Bag from ModCloth - $44.99
from: ModCloth
Gimmi all the fruit bags. Spritz a Wonderful Life Bag from ModCloth - $44.99
from: ModCloth

Being the irresonsible woman I am, I lost two pairs of plugs. I really need to get some new ones. These grumpy cat ones would look adorable in my lobes! Via Omerica Organic.
~SUPER HUGE DREAMY SIGH~ I wish. Doc Martens found Via Ebay.
A patch made for me! Via Etsy.
This cute sticker! Found on Tumblr via Redbubble.
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