Monday, March 24, 2014

Yoga-ing it up!

So I've kept the yoga ball rolling in my own way, and decided to do a whole handful of poses in one day, because some days I get to busy to get around to it, and others I have a lot of free time. Here's what I've managed so far.

Day 20 - Rae, Visvamitrasana
Pretty much 100% positive I did this wrong, thus the picture of me laughing as I Jared walked up to me basically pulling my leg up. I tried to do the variation, because I didn’t want to die, because the girl in the photo looked like a pretzel standing on a hand and a foot, and I know I'm not on that level yet.
"I am thankful for this beautiful day! Its so warm and sunny, it feels awesome outside :D"

Day 21 - Rox, Three-legged wheel
I was really really surprised I could still do this. I used to do backbends all the time as a kid.
"I am thankful for Jared! He works so hard to provide the best life for himself and for Bufford and I. He’s so driven and focused, and sweet and patient and generous with me :)"


Day 22 - Angie, Reclining ankle to knee pose
 Easy peasy and chill, I do something similar standing up at work because I’m weird. I just kinda put my leg on the desk sometimes… anyway. I think it's interesting that I do some stretches that are actually yoga poses already.
 "I am thankful for the bus route in my city, which takes me right to work!"
This is an unflattering photo.
Day 23 - Ola, Goddess pose with arm variation of choice
Okay let’s talk about how fabulous the goddess pose makes you look, because damn I look devine. Don’t let it fool you, I thought it looked really easy, until I squatted down and my thighs started screaming at me. I love it though! It's my favorite that I've done so far.
 "I am thankful for my family, who are always there for me when I need them. Who love me unconditionally and are all around wonderful."
Google took all my photos and made me into a gif I guess, lol!

 Day 24 - Marion, Reclined twist pose with eagle legs option
Yet another pose I've done before knowing anything about yoga. I just do this while rolling around in bed sometimes. I'm always doing stretches to crack my spine.
"I am thankful for my job, which is fun and interesting and full of great people. Its easy, pays well, and is all together enjoyable!"

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