Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Skulls

Today has felt like the first real day of spring. I'm blogging outside on my back porch to enjoy this gorgeous day! Thankfully Jared had the morning off so he got to enjoy it for a little while before he left for work. We decided to take Bufford for a walk, which quickly turned into a hike through the woods by our house, which led to some really awesome finds...

Bones!! A whole Deer skeleton in fact! It was right on the trail. Looks like it was a buck because of the antler stumps. No antlers though :( We kept hiking around and I went off the trail and behind the tree and I found another pile of bones! A much smaller critter this time.
Bufford had no interest in the deer bones which I thought was odd, but as soon as I found this guy he was all over it.

Trying to eat it, lol.

Then Jared let me carry the little one so he could put Bufford back on his leash when we came back out to the road. I didn't realize the teeth weren't in that well and they fell out as we hiked. I was pretty bummed. So we crossed the street and went into the other side of the woods. I started to look around and what do you know! Another skull! With lots of teeth and the jaw!
Happy McHiker Pants over here.

Crocuses!! Its officially Spring to me!

"Oh hey Mom, Lemme sniff that for ya there..."
So tonight after work Jared is gonna bring home some bleach(EDIT: I was just informed bleach will ruin them, so don't listen to me, lol. Apparently a peroxide bath is key, gonna go look up how to concoct that c;) and an old bucket from work and we're gonna clean them all out! Pretty fun morning. We almost went to the mall, I'm pretty glad we decided to enjoy the weather instead :)
Isn't this dome awesome?! Picked it up thrifting with my friend Alyssa last week and was telling Jared "Maybe I can find a cool skull to put in it." Ha!

This is the best one, there's a tooth we gotta glue in haha.

Hope you're all enjoying this weather as well! :)

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