Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kitchen Views

My favorite things in the kitchen!

So Jared has been working on his "bar" set up recently, and it's really awesome to see his passion grow for his new hobby. I got him a mixed drinks recipe book for Christmas, and it sprawled into a whole set up. It started with Coffee, then he expanded to tea, then booze central. He's always making me tasty things to drink these days!
That record player whatchamacallit(stand? table?) was something someone returned to work because it got damaged in shipment. It thusly got marked down and put up on display and caught our eye. I really like it, its not the best craftsmanship/quality, but it looks really cool. The record holder part looks really empty because I brought most of mine upstairs to the other stand for the photos I took last week. It's employee appreciation at work this month though, which means I will probably come home with a handful of records at some point.

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