Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boof and Bella

So around the same time I was dying to adopt an English Bulldog, my best friend at Hot Topic, Aaron, was dying to buy a Bull Terrier. We would spend our shifts talking about the puppies in the pet store across the mall, go and look at them on our breaks, and go on and on about how some day we'd own them and we'd go on dog walks together.

Well, it didn't take long before we both found what we were looking for. Both ended up being rescues we found on craig's list! Only yesterday did the two finally meet and we finally got to take that dog walk :)

Exhausted from their walk hehe.

Dustin and Aaron!

Happy family photo!

Jared sadly had to work a lot of the evening. This is when he finally got home.

Bella helping Jared with the fridge.

Haha, Bella's legs crack me up in this picture.

Jared trimmed her toenails! Haha!

And Barking!

I love how tough they got... over nothing at all haha! They're just so cute together, their barks are pretty similar too. I had too much fun watching them play and hanging out with Aaron and Dustin. Can't wait for them to come again :)

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