Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore - Warm and Toasty!

Hoo boy! Today was a day! Bufford's been battling fleas, and plans to get a discounted veterinary deal fell through so I took him to the vet today. He is such a good boy when he goes its the weirdest. Wags his little nub the whole time, even when there's a thermometer in his bum. He didn't like the shot though, but it sure did stop his itching. I think he's feeling better already.

Also, 75 degrees in October? Excuse me, I am trying to wear a cardigan, I gave up on my late summer warmth weeks ago fall, get with the program. Geesh. Haha, just kidding, it was awesome out today, even if I ended up sweating a bit. Anyways! On to my outfit...

Kitty Mug! (thrifted or antiqued... can't remember) Fill of Pumpkin Eggnog!! YUM!!!

Cardigan - Forever 21
Shirt - Forever 21
Corduroy Pants - Charlotte Russe (2 years ago)
Boots - Forever 21 (2 years ago)

Love love love this outfit. I bought the cardigan last week when Lynne spent the night and it is so warm and cozy. Its the best.

Hope you're having a great hump day! :)


  1. Cady I never would have thought to layer a cardigan like that, but it's adorable! I hope you don't mind me trying it, I'll totally give you credit :D


    1. Thanks Madi!! Not at all, I'm so excited that I inspired you! Post pics so I can see :) <3