Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fusian Halloween!

My shift got switched around so that I could take my little brother trick-or-treating tomorrow, which ended up being awesome because at work we get to dress up! I set up my Buffy costume last night, and got about no sleep, but thats okay because I pretty much napped all day long on Tuesday. Anyways, I brought my camera to work, and caught everyone's costumes:
Jaz as a carebear :)

Matt as Ryu!

Mike Winn became Mike Finn!

Joe's a slasher.

Nick's a cowboy.

Jon as the Hulk.

Lizzie, star kicker for the buckeyes.

Bryce as the Iron Chef. Geddit?

Rusty as Rusty! haha

Sophie as a lucky cat!

Group pic!

Today was super fun and went by real quick. Before I knew it, it was already 4 o' clock! After work me and Matt got burritos from Chipotle, because today from 4-close, if you go in costume, they're only $2! Pretty good deal since they're usually more like $7. Flat $2, no tax or anything.

Tomorrow I'm taking Duke out trick-or-treating(if anyone doesn't know, Duke is my little brother), then Friday is another Halloween party! I love that I'm getting so much out of Halloween this year, its my favorite holiday, and not much normally happens.

Hope you're having a Happy Halloween!

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