Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I wore - Fall Frolic

♥ Shirt - Forever 21
♥ Shorts - Forever 21
♥ Tights - Forever 21
♥ Shoes - Handmedown from Tia :)! (They’re minnetonka’s)

I LOOOVE this outfit. Its so fun to wear. Its like summer still has a hold on my fashion sense at the moment as I transition into fall. Definitely a bit sad summer came and went so fast. I'm really stoked about how I did my hair as well. A lot of girls at work have done cute braids lately and it inspired me to put my own spin on a classic. It turned out really retro which I loved.

Fall is definitely my favorite season! I love the colors and the weather and ahh, everything about it is just wonderful. It also means my favorite holiday is fast approaching(Halloween!)! Me and Boof had fun playing in the leaves and exploring the cemetery yesterday. Hope you’re enjoying this lovely fall weather!