Saturday, February 6, 2016

366 - Week 3

25/366 - I was very behind on sleep between staying up for the X-Files and opening the shop a few morning in a row, so I spent the afternoon napping with Steve and watched the second episode that night.
26/366 - Stopped into Warehouse 4 again, can’t get enough of that S’mores flavor!!
27/266 - Got donuts from Bill’s before running errands. So damn good :)
28/366 - I got a Stanley thermos from Kroger on sale!! This thing is like magic, I looove it. I made soup, and several hours late when I opened it for dinner at work, it was piping hot!! So awesome.
29/366 - Steve and I sent this photo to my Mom to make her smile, because her shoulder has been hurting her. She said it worked :)
30/366 - The view of the sunrise from work was pretty beautiful!
31/366 - Just honing my craft ;)

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