Thursday, February 4, 2016

X-Files Revival

As you already know, I am a HUGE X-Files fan. So of course you could deduce that I was extremely excited about the 6-episode revival. Well so was my family. In fact my amazing Mom decorated!! It was such a nice surprise, and they ordered pizza too. Plus the episode was awesome, and so was the following one! I’m counting down the days until the next one. Its so funny, I can remember being 8 or 9 and my parents being like “this show is too scary, you can’t watch it” and I’d hear the theme song to the X-Files come on and I’d be like 'Yup!’ and I’d go to my room and play with my beanie babies. Now we can finally watch it together, haha!
Cutest Mom ever!

Alien autopsy lol!!

Delicious brownies!