Monday, February 1, 2016

Press' 5 Year Anniversary

Press had it’s 5 year anniversary party, and we were told to dress formally. I fretted for many reasons, but my Mom saved the day and helped me shop at Target and pick out the best dress for the occasion. I got all dolled up and ready to knock off some socks and headed to Corner Kitchen to meet my coworkers for dinner beforehand. My gals gave me lots of compliments and made me feel great(even though I felt like a baby giraffe trying to walk in heels). I was pretty full from eating dinner earlier(I couldn’t wait until 6 to eat haha) so I got an “diner apple cider” and chocolate mousse(which was so good but really filling). After that we headed over and mingled with all of our regulars and coffee lovers. There was a raffle with prizes, drinks, popcorn, and merriment. It was a pretty good time, and a fun excuse the dress up with my friends :)

Beautiful Barry eating a taco lol, and my mousse!
Pretty sure this is everyone who's ever worked at Press :)

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