Friday, February 26, 2016

MEGA Thrift Haul

Mom and I went gung-ho the other day, hitting up a thrift store I hadn't in a while. I really hit the jackpot and found not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR pairs of Birkenstocks!! Among a lot of other cool things- let me just show you!
Cool bee decoration, featuring a dingus sniffing it's butt.

Lemon juicer and a cute bear jar.

This awesome set of pressed butterflies Mom found. I think it was a tray but one handle broke off so I'll saw it off into a portrait. And a Depeche mode cassette for my car!!

Looks like it says "88" on two of the butterflies. On the back someone signed and date '89, the year I was born!


Too legit to quit

Can you believe this?!

Sexy summer tank and a pair of H&M jeans that just HAPPENED to be my exact size, how lucky?! And only $.50!!

Sheer vintage robe, so dreamy.
We got such a good haul, and I got some much needed Mom time. Definitely a super fun day :D

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