Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Wore - Overall the Best Outfit!

Crop top - Modcloth
Overalls - Madewell(they're still on sale!)
Boots - Thrifted
Hat - Urban Outfitters (last spring)

OHHHH my gosh you guys, if you follow me on instagram you might recognize these overalls from when I tried them on in store in August. Well, after stalking them online for months and months they finally went on sale and you bet your buns and snatched those sweet babies up!! I am smitten as a kitten, I feel so stinking’ cute in them I’m over the moon. I wish I could wear them everyday honestly. Definitely my favorite outfit at the moment, I love wearing all black and white for some reason. What’s your favorite outfit look like?

As per usual now, here's a nice doofy pic of Steve and I :)