Friday, February 5, 2016

New Blanket!!

For maybe a month now I’ve been deliberating on what kind of comforter to buy. Mine was shot to hell and back, a hand-me down probably over a decade(or maybe two) old, with the stuffing shooting out the top and all the seams popped. It was way past time. So I researched and tried to decide between down, or down alternative. I was leaning to the alt because I am allergic to basically everything and figured I’d be allergic to that too. I was thiisss close to buying one on Amazon, but I was scared to buy something I couldn’t see and touch myself in person first(even though I could send it back, I just wanted instant gratification-to find the ONE.)
Then one morning I decided I wanted Bill's donuts, which is in the neighborhood of a Tuesday morning, which is one of my favorite stores right now for home decorating and cheap stuff. I stopped in, and found two I liked! Both had 600 fill(whatever that means) and seemed warm and soft. One down for $50, one alt for $80. I took them out in the back of the store and examined them closely. I liked the alt because it was machine washable, but I liked the down because it was so soft and luxurious. After spending too much time and making employees suspicious, I finally picked the down. What a great choice, I’m obsessed with it!! I need to get a duvet cover stat, but the one I’m in love with on Urban Outfitters hasn’t gone on sale yet so I’m waiting and trying to keep is clean in the meantime, because it seems dry cleaning a down blanket is a bit expensive unfortunately.