Thursday, February 25, 2016

Petsmart Haul

Over President’s day weekend, Petsmart had a big sale! One of the deal being buy two toy, get one free. Steve had just ripped up his last two toys(one of which only lasted a day from Kroger’s pet-pride brand :|), so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some toys that might withstand his powerful jaws. I found that the Kong collars were also 50% off so I grabbed one of those because his orange one is too fall-ish, and his blue one was so difficult to take on and off(and didn’t look too comfortable). After much debating I picked out two extreme strength rubber kong toys. and one Nylabone dura-chew. I was really skeptical about the Nylabone one, it looked too hard to me, but that ended up being his favorite one!! I think the challenge inspires him haha. He was super happy, and now her looks good and has stuff to play with at home :) I love spoiling him with stuff, makes me feel like a good Momma!


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