Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday!

I've been super nostalgic and sentimental this week, so I feel like making a flashback Friday post.
Summer 2007 - Me, Christal, Branden. I love this one.
2007 One of the last days of my junior year, waiting for art class to let out. I was moping because my senior friends were all gone.
A perfect picture from a perfect girls night, right before I moved to Alaska. 2006
My phase of wanting to have finger tattoos like Jepha Howard - 2007
Christal and I petting deers - 1995
My fro, 2005
This still makes me giggle  - 2005
Me and the boys - 2010

Jared gone wild - 2006
Selfie, so goffix - 2006
The desk of a messy 16 year old. I spy photos of my crushes.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my past! Have a lovely Friday evening :)

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