Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New additions to my room

I got a bunch of cute new decorations for Christmas and my birthday, and here they are in their new habitat.

This is the shadow box I got from the night of curb diving, I just now hung it up! Smushy romantic letters from Jared are all that I've put in it so far cx
Mirror from Mom, Bear painting from Jared
I treated myself to the picture frame, because GLITTER.
Haven't picked out the perfect picture for the frame from mom yet.
Diego! The cat pillow from Jared :)
This little booger is not a new addition, but he is the cutest thing in my room! Right after I took these he was full of energy and we got in a wrestling match. I love playing with him :)
"Mooomm, I'm boooorrred. Quit taking pictures and let's play!"
Awesome hanger from Duke, my little brother :)
See how the comforter is all messed up? It was all nice the Boof wanted to wrestle, so poop.

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