Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I Wore - Please, please, please Let me get what I want

Sweater - Viva Moz
Pants - American Eagle
Shoes - Tom's

I think that song title is really fitting for this outfit post, because that's exactly what I'd been thinking about this sweater! I first found it in October, and it sold out on pre-sale. They said it wouldn't be back in stock until next year. Oh, the devastation. The miraculously a month or two later, I got an email that they had gotten a few more in stock, and you best believe I hopped to the chance. Even when I was at work and had to order from a friend's phone haha.

I love this sweater. I only ever got into The Smiths because when I was obsessed with MCR, Gerard had an interview where he talked about them, so of course I looked into them. Then once I moved to Alaska, and my mom and I would go garage sailing almost daily, there was on morning where I thought to myself "Today, I want to find a Smiths cd, and a Smashing Pumpkins cd". Lo and behold, one of the first ones we went to had both, and I snatched them up. The rest is angsty teenage history :)

Hopre you're having a happy hump day!


  1. Hey! Love the sweatshirt. I am a big fan of The Smiths too :) Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! :) ~Alyssa

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    1. Thanks! I'm wearing the small, and it fits perfect. Not too tight or oversized, just right :)