Sunday, January 6, 2013

Me and my Uke

My friend Madi has a ukulele and posts videos of her playing it on tumblr. I love it! She's so cute, and it looks like so much fun. I decided it was time I picked up a hobby besides sitting on the internet all night. So yesterday while at guitar center, since they were on sale, I figured I should probably buy one.

Its so much fun! I love it. The first song I learned was 'Happy Birthday'. I'm gonna play it for my dad haha. Then last night I learned "Your Biggest Fan" by Never Shout Never. Its so easy! I'm going to perfect it and learn to sing along before I record myself playing though. I've always loved belting that song out in the car, its gonna be so great to do it with my uke.

I'm also working on "The Bucket" by Kings of Leon. I found this kickass version where a whole troup of ukulele players perform it, and its wonderful! That's one I'm going to play with Jared when he gets the strings fixed on his guitar. Here's the video of the uke troup playing, its so happy and cute!

I've got a whole list of songs I want to learn, and I keep finding new ones! My hobby is taking off quite nicely.
Have you decided to pick up any new hobbies for the new year?

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