Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cady Culture

I made it my goal to kick 2016’s ass because 2015 kinda kicked mine. So to start I decided to chase after a little dream of running my own small business. I’ve long been admiring and supporting others in their pin making, patch making, and art creating efforts. I decided to take some of my savings and invest in getting my first lapel pins made. I’d written up a list of things I thought I would love to have as pins, and got inspired, and picked one I knew a lot of people I know would also love. I drew up my design and sent it to a company. A few emails back and forth and working with a graphic designer, and I got back a proof I was stoked on. I put in my order and now I’m waiting for them to be made and shipped. I am so excited to show you the proof for my first pin: latte art! The first run is limited to 100. I showed my boss and he loved the design and wants to sell them in our shop, so they’ll be available there and in my online shop. Follow the instagram to be notified when they’ll be arriving and available to order!
The proof! Coming next month!!

Original sketch for my webstore profile photo.


  1. Love your pin!! I want one. Your artwork is great!

  2. the pin and the picture and you.