Tuesday, January 19, 2016

366 Project - Week 2

8/366 - I had heard good things about a coffee shop in Vandalia called Warehouse 4, so I decided to pop in. Definitely tasty coffee, and they even carried our coffee shop’s beans! Love to stop in on my days off now, just to switch up my coffee flow(and also it’s conveniently on the way to my parent’s.)
9/366 - I took Duke and his friend Isaiah to the mall, but not before stopping for some coffee at Press, of course!
10/366 - It snowed and to my surprise it actually stuck! I was really thinking the ground would still be to warm, but lucky us, we got a nice white blanket.
11/366 - Just a little cappuccino I made :)
12/366 - Sophie, Joe, and I went to Detroit for the day. It seemed like such a fun city, but we were so cold and tired that we didn’t explore for too long. We definitely want to go back this spring/summer though.
13/366 - It was Press’s 5 year aniversary, so we celebrated with cortados and champagne! All the pics of the “cheers!” I took are silly and blurry so here’s this goofy snapchat edited pic of me drinking my courted waiting for more people to arrive.

14/366 - Almost missed the photo of the day, but caught the tail end of a sunset in my neighborhood :)

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