Thursday, January 7, 2016

Terrier Time

My coworker Brenden has an awesome pitbull named Burnie who he occasionally brings to the shop on his days off. For the longest time we’d been talking about meeting at the dog park and letting him frolic with Steve and we finally got around to it a couple weeks ago!

Steve did pretty well I was proud of him. He is a little skittish around other dogs sometimes and tends to not do well with dominant dogs. I think it’s due to whatever rough beginnings he had before he wandered into my life. But he mostly just played with a tennis ball and behaved himself. Burnie wanted to play with him so bad, and they had a tug of war moment which was funny. It was clear neither side was willing to let go though so Brenden intervened. Here’s some shots of terrier time!

Two pooped pups after their adventure together!

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