Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book Club

Lol, I might have put his paw there...

For my goal of reading a book a month, I’m doing pretty good!I’m two down, two to go. I’m sure I could read more if there weren’t distracting things like Steve and the internet haha, but at least I’m actually reading a book a month vs like…one a year.

I remember when I was 16, spending the night at my best friend at the time Christal’s house, and her waking me up playing the dresden dolls. At first I wasn’t a fan but then they really grew on me. Then I found out about Amanda’s solo stuff, and this year about her Ted Talk and her book. While Madi and Lauren were here we stopped in the book store at the mall and I picked it up. It was really entertaining, and I love her perspective on life. Like everyone I do sometimes have a hard time asking for help, I’m what my Mom likes to call “fiercely independent”. I love Amanda’s views on asking for help and the human connection. Definitely would recommend this to pretty much anyone.

I started this when I was still in Cincinnati, but got distracted by how quickly my life was changing and never finished. I found it in the thrift store and beelined to it and Mom said that Duke really wanted to get me it for Christmas but they couldn’t find it anywhere, so she insisted on getting it for me haha. I love love LOVE Cesar. It’s low-key(who am I kidding hi-key) my dream to live on his dog ranch and help him train dogs for a living. I love watching his show and learning little tips to stay calm so your dog can read your energy and work with. So I’m going to re-read what I already read, and finish it this time! 

I am always hearing about this podcast, and I saw the book while I popped in the library with my Mom and decided to grab it. Hope it’s as good as the hype!

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