Thursday, January 7, 2016

Steve by the Water

Global warming gave us an awesome December, I’m not gonna lie. Wearing a denim jacket and a scarf in 60-something degree weather ruled. I took Steve to the dog park downtown one of those warm days, and after wards we explored a bike path down by the river. As we got close to the dam, Steve got really nervous. I think the loudness of the water freaked him out. It was impossible to get him to sit so I could take a nice photo of him so I got this silly one which I posted to instagram and captioned it what I imagined he was thinking, which was “Mom, I don’t very much want to sit here” haha. It was nice to get some of his endless energy out by playing outside! It’s so much colder now, I don’t ever want to leave the house unless I have to haha.

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