Wednesday, January 27, 2016

366 Project - Week 3

17/366 - Slow Sunday’s at work with Al.
18/366 - At the slumber party we played cards against humanity, and this particular card sent me into hysterical laughter so intense all I could manage was to squeak. Who comes up with this stuff?!
19/366 - This guy being a good boy and laying down while I make crepes
20/366 - Playing in the fresh snow with Steve!

21/366 - Breakfast with Sophie before she left on her trip to Germany (´;︵;`) My first time eating eggs benedict and they are INCREDIBLE!!
22/366 - A dying plant I rescued from Kroger. I hope I can bring it back to life!
23/366 - Newest pin purchase!!

24/366 - Ready for the X-Files premier!!!!

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