Monday, January 11, 2016

Dad's Birthday Sushi Adventure

For my Dad’s birthday this year we got the idea to take him to a sushi restaurant because he’d never had it. I loved the idea because a.) sushi is one of my favorite things to eat and b.) shopping for Dad can be hard sometimes haha. Plus seeing him try sushi would be a fun experience as well! For a moment I thought the plans were falling through because things kept coming up, and I thought we were going to have to do the dinner a different day and just hang out at their house for the evening. On my way over to their house though they called and said the plans were back on so I turned around and we all met up at Chloe’s Asian Gourmet.
I was a little nervous because Dad had no idea what he wanted or what would sound good, so I decided on a sort of sampler platter that had a little of everything along with a coconut shrimp roll because its my favorite and I’d been craving it. Mom and Duke ordered a cooked dish called the “happy family” to share which sounded so appropriate. Everything was so delicious!! Dad was very brave although hesitant at first, and tried everything, even the eel. I think everyone liked the coconut shrimp the best, especially Duke who loves fried things haha. It had tempura so of course it was right up his alley.
My family is so silly and fun, Duke got the giggles reliving an experience he had with a friend at school which made us all crack up as well, and we were all laughing until our sides hurt. I had such an awesome time, and I think everyone did, so I’m glad our plans ended up working out! Happy Birthday, Dad!!