Thursday, January 21, 2016

Detroit Trip

Sophie decided to get a passport the quick way by going to an agency, and the closest one was in Detroit, so she asked her brother and I to accompany her. The day came and of course it decided to snow, but Sophie drove slow and got us there safely. It was FREEZING, so we didn’t stay for too long. There seemed like so much fun stuff to see, but we were pretty tired from getting up so early to get there on time for Sophie’s appointment. So we saw a few things, got some lunch, and then headed home.
I kept using the snapchat tags obnoxiously all day. If you wanna follow me its "caderss"

Joe in the huge warehouse bookstore.

Beautiful interiors of a building downtown.

crappy drive-by photography of a cool building with huge statues.

Saw some graffiti

A good but strange salmon burger. Very different.


  1. Your pics are great! You should be on the Detroit Visitors Council!