Friday, January 15, 2016

My Pin Collection

I love how popular pins have gotten in the past couple of years and how creative people get with them! I decided to round up all the pins I have(one is missing, my beloved ouija planchette :c) and photograph them all in one place. I was kinda surprised, I thought I had more haha. That just gives me an excuse to buy more this year so I can grow my collection! I also made a goal for myself to create my own pin. I jotted down a list of ideas, and I'm going to start sketching them up. I'm pretty excited about it, and I hope others will be too!
 Coffee and Pie - Rosehound Apparel
Scully - Robin Eisenberg
Agent Cooper - Bunny Miele
The other three were gifts from Lynne, I have no idea where she got them, you might be able to track them down by googling if you want your own.
Twin Peaks!!


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    1. Isn't it?! My friend gave it to me for Christmas I was so excited!