Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Barista Life

Let me tell you, I LOVE being a barista. It hardly feels like work. I love drinking and making coffee, I love my customers, I love my coworkers, I love everything about where I work! It's such a relief to find a job doing something I'm passionate about, because I've had those anxiety enducing, depressing, suck-hole jobs that make you dread your existence. Here's your wakeup call if you have one of those "ugh it's Monday" jobs, start looking elsewhere! Life is too short to stay at a job like that any longer. Trial and error, find what you enjoy doing in a positive environment, it can turn your whole life around. Sorry I'm turning into a self help blog post, but I hope you find a job you love and makes you happy! I really want to share is some of the latte art I've made, because it's so fun and challenging. I practice my pours in every drink I make so I can eventually do a latte art competition. At the end of the month I'll be participating in a pour over competition which I am so excited about. I'm a bit competitive and the prizes sound awesome, and the experience will be so fun, I can't wait! Today is the five year anniversary of the shop I work at's grand opening, so here is my short contribution to this wonderful place.
Making a pour over!

Extremely humble beginnings haha!
A more recent rosetta I was really proud of.

An accidental feather from the beginning

What you see when you get coffee from me!

Festive Christmas Latte!