Saturday, January 16, 2016

Arts and Crafts

I might have mentioned one of my winter goals of doing more art. My goal is to make one piece a week, but some weeks I make several things and others I make none haha. It’s not really balanced but at least I’m creating and that’s what matters! Christmas was an excellent motivator because what’s better than a home-made gift!? Well some may argue otherwise, but I personally love to get artwork. Here’s what I made last month!

Dad cut a bunch of wood slices for Mom and when I came over we drew on them and made them into ornaments for the tree! I drew the dogs of course haha, and she did everything else :)
For Anne's birthday I embroidered a patch of her dog Archie, which she promptly had sewed onto her denim jacket by the awesome ladies at Sew Dayton!

I embroidered some of our shop's logos for my bosses at work :)

I found an old drawing I'd inked and decided to finally paint it. I used the cheapest paint set and brush ever so the results of the colors are less than thrilling but I still like it and will probably hang it up on the wall :) Have you done any art projects lately?

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